Summer Time Travel

Road-testing in the tropics

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Back in the day sea, salt, sun and wind forged the early Driza-Bone designs. You could call it road-testing without roads. Those famous oilskin jackets soon came ashore and wrapped themselves around the inland explorers, horsemen and pastoralists of Australia.

As time went by the range adapted to the needs of Australian workers and the four seasons of the southern land. The elements have never let up. And neither have we. We still use the best cotton and highest quality yarn and we still obsess about making things the best we can.

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Fast-forward to summer 2016. Our hard-wearing shorts and durable cotton shirts were primed for another season of sea, salt, sun and wind, but we wanted to be sure the range was ready for an Australian summer. It was time for another road-test.

We loaded up our resident ‘eye on the elements’, photographer Ed Sloane, with shorts, t-shirts and cotton shirts and followed him on assignment into the heat and humidity of the Philippines. Ed promised boats, planes, motorbikes, sand, surf and sweat. It was perfect.

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Ed survived and the clothes returned in great condition, ready for a long, hot summer. Watch the story unfold in a little video we put together.

See you out there.

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