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Welcome to the story, Ed Sloane.

Welcome to the story, Ed Sloane.
Welcome to the story, Ed Sloane.
Welcome to the story, Ed Sloane.
Welcome to the story, Ed Sloane.
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Ed Sloane gets up early most mornings, aiming to catch the best winds, swell and light. He’s a professional surf photographer, a surfer, a traveller and what we like to call a ‘weather farmer’. The elements and the light are as much his tools as his Canon 5D SLR camera, telephoto lens, water-housing contraptions and of course, his passport.

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The life of a professional surf photographer can be transient and fluid. If the conditions are right, you go. This week Ed’s off to the tropics, prepped for travel via a range of “boats, jet skis, planes (big and small), helicopters or ‘alternative’ means.”

Ed Sloane is a native of the southern state of Victoria, Australia. Though his career has him traversing the globe every other month, rubbing shoulders with world surfing champions along the way, it is the weather-bitten coastlines, surging ocean swells and majestic forests of his home that most inspire his work. With a background in environmental science that’s no great surprise.

“The drivers of surf are all elemental. The tides, wind and swell are make-or-break influences when it comes to quality waves but in surf photography, as in all forms of photography there’s another influence, light.”

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Ed’s photographs have made the covers of world-class surfing publications like The Surfer’s Journal, Paper Sea Quarterly, White Horses and Surfing World Australia and he recently took out the sport category of the prestigious Australia’s Top Emerging Photographer Awards 2015.

When we heard that Ed rated what we do pretty highly, we decided to get him onboard as part of the team. Ed’s love of the ocean, the landscape and the mighty elements fits pretty well with our way of life and we’re looking forward to sharing his adventures with you in the coming months. Keep your eye on Instagram @drizabone and @edsloanephoto.

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Welcome to the story, Ed Sloane.


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