Traditional Oilskin

The Range

Riding Coat

Left: Riding Coat in Brown heavyweight and Black midweight Oilskin. Right: Riding Coat in Black midweight Oilskin

Short Coat

Short Coat in Brown heavyweight Oilskin


Left: Brumby jacket in Brown heavyweight Oilskin. Right: Brumby jacket in Black, Bronze, Brown and Navy


Brumby jacket in Black midweight Oilskin


Bushman jacket in Brown heavyweight Oilskin


Belltrees vest in Black midweight Oilskin and Brown heavyweight Oilskin

Quilted Vest

Quilted Vest in Brown heavyweight Oilksin


Jumbuck vest in Brown heavyweight Oilskin


Left: Drovers coat in Brown heavyweight Oilskin Right: Wool Liner (separate)

Over Trousers

Over Trousers in Brown heavyweight Oilskin

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